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An experienced association lawyer from Ansbacher Law is available to attend your board meetings to answer day-to-day questions regarding operational, technical, regulatory, and practical issues. We are available to meet on an as-needed basis at any of our four office locations. In addition, our firm provides opinions and advice to its community association clients at three different levels:

  • Preliminary Attorney Response: This type of response is appropriate for an initial assessment or confirmation of regular business practices. This is not available if written response is requested.
  • Limited Opinion Letter: This form of response is appropriate when no determination of controlling documents or law is required. It includes limited legal research and is not appropriate for legal disputes or significant business decisions.
  • Formal Opinion Letters: Appropriate before making significant business decisions or where opinion will be relied upon for responding to legal disputes.

*The Association should never rely upon a preliminary attorney response or limited attorney opinion on matters of significant concern or where there are legal disputes requiring resolution.

**As a courtesy to our clients and without charge, Ansbacher Law prepares a portfolio of governing documents for your association so that we are able to respond to requests promptly. When a full legal opinion is requested, additional research may be required to assure all-controlling documents are available for analysis.

An Experienced Association Lawyer for Board Meetings

Contact us today for additional information or to arrange a consultation with an Ansbacher Law attorney.

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