Verdicts & Settlements

Outcome: 19+ Million Dollar Settlement

Condominium Construction Defects

A Florida condominium association was confronted with millions of dollars in defects caused by negligent construction and violations of the Florida Building Code. The 300+ homeowners hired Ansbacher Law to even the odds against one the country’s largest builders and nearly seventy-five subcontractors who were responsible for the defects. By bringing the case to the eve of trial, Ansbacher Law achieved a settlement that will enable the homeowners to complete all necessary repairs, protect their investments and financial future.

Outcome: $2,240,000 Judgment After Jury Verdict

Auto Accident - Personal Injury

After rejecting a $5,000 settlement offer recommended by her first attorney, the victim of an Orange Park auto accident hired Ansbacher Law. Our client knew her injuries were serious, but nobody was listening.

After the collision, she had trouble concentrating, suffered from migraine headaches, and her academic and work performance went into decline. Her close family relationships began to suffer from her memory loss and uncharacteristic short temper. Impact of the collision and airbag deployment created serious permanent injuries. The professionals at Ansbacher Law went to work.

Working with her medical professionals, we discovered that our client suffered a mild traumatic brain injury in the collision. Although most victims recover over time, the injuries can be permanent and life-changing. This was, unfortunately, the reality of our client’s situation. We carefully documented her injury through neuropsychology and with the assistance of neurologists and a neurosurgeon retained by Ansbacher Law. We left no stone unturned and located a witness who observed the at-fault driver smoking marijuana shortly before the accident. Finally, after carefully documenting the fault of the other driver, and the serious nature of our client’s injuries Ansbacher Law submitted her claim to the insurance company. We made numerous detailed demands for the insurance company to pay the $100,000 policy limits, but when they chose to play hardball, we did not give up.

We filed a lawsuit against the at-fault driver and when a fair settlement was not offered at mediation, we took her case to the Clay County jury for justice. Ansbacher Law hired the most qualified experts available to explain her injuries to the jury. After years of denial and having her injuries minimized, our client was validated when the jury returned a unanimous verdict in her favor. Ansbacher Law believed in our client and stuck with her all the way.

Outcome: 12+ Million Dollars

Condominium Association vs. National Builder

A Jacksonville, Florida jury awarded the full demand of 240 home condominium association against America’s largest home builder. The jury found the builder/developer to be negligent and also to have violated statutory warranties and the requirements of the Florida Building Code.

Outcome: Settlement after Arbitration - Excess of $5.7 Million

Condo Association vs. Developer, Builders & Subcontractors

St. Johns County (St. Augustine) condominium association sued the developer, general contractors, subcontractors for defective construction of their 300 unit complex.

Outcome: $5.5 Million

Condominium Association vs. Developer

Suit over construction defects in new residential community.

Outcome: Excess of $3 Million

Condominium Association vs. National Builder and Developer

Ansbacher Law was retained by a condominium association on account of construction defects. Our firm filed suit against the builder and developer. After mediation, the association accepted a settlement.

Outcome: In excess of $4.5 Million

Condominium Association vs. Developer, Builder & Subcontractors

Our client, a North Florida condominium association sued the developer, builder & subcontractors for construction defects, fraudulent practices, and building code violations. Case settled in favor of client after arbitration.

Outcome: Settlement at Mediation for $1.3 Million

Condominium Association vs. National Builder

192 unit condominium complex was subject to water leaking and wood rot on account of defective construction.

Outcome: $180,000 Jury Verdict

Auto Accident Claim

We were retained by an auto accident victim who suffered back and soft tissue injuries. The case was complicated by a second auto accident shortly after the first. A lawsuit was filed and discovery was commenced.

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