Barry Ansbacher, Esq. Featured in First Coast News Story About How RISE Doro Is to Be Rebuilt

Barry Ansbacher, Esq., of Ansbacher Law, was recently featured in a First Coast News story titled, “Jacksonville construction experts talk rebuilding the RISE Doro.” Specifically, the news segment focused on the recent fire at the RISE Doro, a downtown apartment building, and the questions about whether it will be rebuilt with wood or another material.

Barry Ansbacher, a respected construction attorney who is not affiliated with RISE Doro, comments on the matter with, “If there’s a concern that people are going to feel unsafe living in a building that burnt down then it’s something that may cause them, from a business standpoint, to want to change it up.”

Of note, there have been changes to the construction industry since the RISE Doro was originally built. For one, construction costs are now higher than they were in 2020, the time when the city of Jacksonville awarded the building a nearly $6 million tax incentive. What’s more, Florida building codes have been updated, with the eighth edition taking effect this year.

Barry Ansbacher goes on to say that, “It may be a small change in the code but when you’re multiplying it by hundreds of units, it could change what it costs to build it one way versus another.”

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