Florida Real Estate Contract Attorneys

Pursuant to Section 725.01 Florida Statutes all contracts for the sale of real estate must be in a signed writing. Ansbacher Law’s founding partner, Barry Ansbacher, is board certified by The Florida Bar as a real estate law specialist. He has decades of experience in drafting and reviewing real estate contracts.

We focus on plain English forms to expedite the process from offer to closing, minimizing the delays and expense of protracted negotiations. A benefit of a plain English form is that it minimizes disputes that arise due to confusing contract terms and “legalese.”

Jacksonville Commercial Real Estate Contract Attorney

Ansbacher Law brings its expertise to simple real estate sales, complex real estate assemblages, and development. We draw upon our understanding of zoning and land use laws, environmental laws, title insurance, state and federal tax law, community association and condominium laws, and laws and regulations pertaining to business entities and trusts, to assure that every contract covers the key points in a real estate transaction.

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