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Ansbacher Law and its litigation attorneys represent its clients in mediation, arbitration, and in state and federal court, where our experienced construction litigation team has recovered millions of dollars in compensation for clients from large national home builders and smaller custom home builders in Jacksonville and throughout the State of Florida. Click here to read about the recent $9.6 million verdict awarded to our client.

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  • Alternative Dispute Resolution: Alternative Dispute Resolution, which is sometimes referred to as “ADR,” plays a significant role in most claims. The term refers to methods of resolving any dispute other than obtaining a verdict from a judge or jury in a civil lawsuit. The most common forms of ADR are mediation and arbitration. In mediation, the neutral party assists the involved parties to reach their own decision on how to resolve the dispute. In arbitration, the neutral party makes the decision.
  • Mediation: Our Jacksonville construction attorneys are experienced in representing our clients at mediation. We put the same effort into preparing for mediation as we do preparing for trial. As a result, we have recovered millions of dollars for homeowners through the process of mediation. We present our client’s case to the other side and advise our client throughout the process. If settlement terms are reached at mediation, our extensive contract experience allows us to assist our client in “buttoning down” the deal so that a poorly written settlement agreement does not resolve the first dispute only to result in another claim.
  • Arbitration: Ansbacher Law attorneys have a proven track record in obtaining successful results in arbitration hearings. Experience and attention to the details assure our clients that the arbitrator(s) will be presented with all relevant facts and legal authorities. Rest assured, Ansbacher Law puts the same effort into preparing for arbitration as we do preparing for trial. We have recovered millions of dollars for clients through the process of arbitration.
  • Trials: Ansbacher Law represents its Florida clients in federal and state courts. Our construction lawyers have served as lead counsel on some of the largest and most complex contract and construction defects disputes in Florida history, recovering millions of dollars for homeowners from their builders.

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When project disagreements arise, we identify and implement effective strategies to resolve the dispute. Our dedicated litigation team identifies and coordinates the appropriate team of experts, including forensic experts, structural and civil engineers, architects, and other specialty consultants to address a variety of complex issues related to each particular dispute.

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