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Whether the interest being acquired is fee simple or an easement on land, Ansbacher Law has the expertise and experience to make the transaction go smoothly from letter of intent through closing. While the price may be a major factor in making a decision whether to purchase or sell property, it is far from the only factor. The commercial real estate negotiation attorneys from Ansbacher Law have the experience negotiating matters relating to new and existing leases, environmental concerns and inspections. wetland and tree mitigation issues, the practical use of the property and costs associated with such use, and thousands of other factors that must be considered in order to make a determination of whether to go through with a deal.

Jacksonville Commercial Real Estate Negotiation Attorneys

From the sale of commercial shopping centers and golf courses to single family homes and condominiums, every transaction requires the attention of a focused and experienced real estate attorney. Concerns from the payment of closing costs to the inclusion of personal property in the sale must all be considered before an agreement is signed. Without the assistance of a Jacksonville real estate attorney, you may give away items or bear expenses that you do not even know of.

Beyond the terms of the contract itself, Ansbacher Law is here to help with the practical aspects of negotiation. We are able to assist our clients in scheduling inspections of potential properties, procure surveys, evaluate and hire qualified environmental experts, and in finding lenders who can help make the sale happen. Even if you do not yet have a specific site for purchase, Ansbacher Law can assist in the process of evaluating prospective properties and coming to a decision.

Complex Transactions

Some deals require more than a single transaction, such as the transfer of multiple lots by or from a developer. In those cases, one contract may or may not be appropriate. To evaluate the risks and benefits of how to structure a complex transaction regarding multiple properties, whether as the buyer or seller, the services of an experienced real estate attorney are key. Once the structure of the transaction is negotiated, there still remain countless matters that must be resolved before a contract is signed. Ansbacher Law is there every step of the way.

Florida law imposes varying obligations on sellers of property regarding disclosure of certain issues, depending upon the nature of the property. To ensure that a seller makes all required disclosures, or that a buyer puts itself in a position to discovery issues that may not be required to be disclosed, our Jacksonville condemnation lawyers are here to explain the law and verify that protections are contained within the deal documents.

As a licensed title insurance agent for Old Republic National Title Insurance Company, Ansbacher Law can procure title insurance abstracts and issue insurance guaranteeing the ownership of the property being purchased. From wild deeds to unrecorded easements, to fences where they should not be, there are hundreds of reasons why it is essential to review the title history of a property when negotiating its purchase. Each of these is also the reason why every property purchaser should have property insurance.

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