Michael Feinberg, Esq. Featured in News4JAX Story About Growing Trend of Private Building Inspections in Wake of RISE Doro Fire

A professional portrait of a smiling man in a dark blue suit, white RISE Doro shirt, and yellow polka-dot tie. He has closely cropped hair and the background is plain and light-colored

Michael Feinberg, Esq., of Ansbacher Law, was featured in a recent News4JAX story, providing insight into the rise of contractors employing private companies for building inspections.

The article discusses the RISE Doro Apartments incident in Jacksonville, where a fire engulfed the newly constructed building. This event has sparked a broader conversation about the safety and reliability of building inspections, especially when conducted by private inspectors instead of city officials.

Feinberg explains that contractors often prefer private inspectors to ensure their projects remain on schedule and within budget. He notes, “One of the main reasons why contractors utilize private inspectors is to keep projects moving and keep costs down.” However, Feinberg also addresses the potential risks associated with this practice, stating, “One of the downsides of using a private inspector is that sometimes they cut corners, sometimes they have a special relationship with a builder, and they give the stamp of approval even though the stamp of approval shouldn’t be given.”

The article highlights that in cases where project issues arise, the liability typically falls on the contractor, not the inspector. Feinberg further explains the procedural aspects, saying, “The inspection does get filed with the building department, which is supposed to oversee it, but an actual building official may not look at each inspection report, even though they probably should.”

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