Barry Ansbacher Speaks on Forensic Investigations at Windstorm 2024 Conference

Screenshot of a webinar listing for ASTM E2128-12 standard guide for evaluating water leakage of building walls, featuring presentations from Byron K. Anderson and Barry Ansbacher, scheduled for January 31

Attorney Barry Ansbacher delivered a presentation with engineer Byron Anderson on January 31, 2024, at the Windstorm Insurance Network 2024 Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida. The annual Windstorm Insurance Conference is a conference for the property insurance claims industry. Its mission is to provide professional development, training, certifications, and networking opportunities to bring together defense and policyholder representatives to better connect, learn, and engage for the betterment of the industry and consumers.

The course presented was on ASTM E-2128 titled “Standard Guide for Evaluating Water Leakage of Building Walls. Proper use of this guide in the forensic investigation of casualties and construction defects was discussed. Mr. Ansbacher also discussed the use of ASTM guidelines in presenting expert testimony at trial that meets the Daubert evidentiary standard as now required by Florida courts.

Barry Ansbacher is the only lawyer in Florida triple certified by the Florida Bar as a specialist in Real Estate Law, Condominium & Planned Development Law, and Construction Law. He serves as a member of the ASTM committees responsible for the development of standards applicable to stucco and wood products. Ansbacher Law serves all of Florida in matters concerning real estate, development, insurance and commercial disputes.