Barry Ansbacher, Esq. Featured in News4JAX Story About Required Payments for Structural Repairs to Rose Creek Condo

Barry Ansbacher, Esq., of Ansbacher Law, was featured in a recent News4JAX story titled, “Jacksonville condo owners shocked after being told they need to pay $13,000 by summer to make repairs to complex.” The news segment provides insight into questions that the condo owners of Rose Creek Condo in Lakewood cannot get answered, such as why they are being requested to pay $13,000 and exactly what structural repairs this will be going toward.

Namely, The Florida Condo Safety Act Bill, stemming from the deadly June 2021 collapse of the Surfside Condos in South Florida, now holds that more regular inspections of older condo buildings must be conducted. This Act also holds that condo associations must better maintain their financial services.

Barry Ansbacher, a respected attorney in condominium and real estate law, comments that condo owners are not at risk of being priced out of a place they have lived for decades. Further, he states, “For people who are buying into a condominium, they will have the assurance that the association and their managers are taking care of the property. So, on the positive side, things won’t get deferred and put off. On the other side, the cost will be reflective of what it takes to do that, so they will go up.”

He concludes that if Rose Creek Condo residents cannot afford to pay the special assessment, then they run the risk of being foreclosed on, and that, “People can and do lose their homes over that.”

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