Ansbacher Law Obtains 8+ Million Dollar Personal Injury Jury Verdict Following Two-Week Trial

Ansbacher Law obtained a jury verdict award for our clients exceeding 8 million dollars against Primrose School of Glen Kernan for negligence in the operation of its childcare facility. Working with our co-counsel the Ansbacher Law trial team led by attorney Davarian Rousseau presented the case to a Duval County Jury following a two-week trial. The jury awarded 100% of the medical damages together with 8 million dollars for pain, suffering and future medical care. Ansbacher Law worked with its outstanding co-counsel Coker Law, including trial attorneys Howard Coker, Dan Iracki, Trevor Hawes and Aaron Sprague. Ansbacher Law’s litigation team included Davarian Rousseau, Barry Ansbacher, retired case manager Teresa Gipson, paralegal Elaine Willison, case manager Karen McCollum, and legal assistant Grizel Anderson.


The allegations in the case were that KSM SCHOOL III, L.L.C., D/B/ A PRIMROSE SCHOOL OF GLEN KERNAN, was negligent in its operation of the childcare facility and that such negligence caused both temporary and permanent losses, injuries and damages to BK an infant at the time of the injury. Specifically, it was alleged that  B.K. was injured when he was negligently served an improper snack which caused B.K. to suffer an airway obstruction causing an anoxic (lack of oxygen) event and cardiac arrest. The defendant denied all claims and all responsibility. The jury found the school to be negligent and awarded damages to compensate the family for its losses.

Attorney Davarian Rousseau
Clients & Trial Team