What You Should Bring to Your Initial Consultation With a Florida Personal Injury Attorney

When people are injured, they may require financial compensation to help them get back on their feet again. Fortunately, our firm has successfully fought for clients’ compensation for years, and we are ready to do the same for you. However, as with anything, preparedness is key. Before we begin working on your case, you will schedule a time and date to have an initial consultation with our firm so we can assess the specifics of your legal situation. That being said, to have the most productive meeting possible, we ask you to provide us with certain documents and paperwork relating to your accident and your injuries. You should bring the following to your initial consultation with Ansbacher Law:

  • Receipts of all injury-related expenses: For example, if you claim that you had to pay significant medical bills for surgeries, hospital stays, and more, you will have to prove it via the corresponding paperwork.
  • Police reports filed at the scene of the accident: A police report will, rather obviously, confirm the police were called, though it will also recount the facts of the accident, as well as note if anyone was ticketed as a result.
  • Medical documents: You must always seek medical attention immediately after an accident occurs. Not only will your injuries require treatment, but you may also use any medical documentation you receive to help prove your claim. Providing your attorney with a clear prognosis is a significant part of any personal injury claim.
  • Records of correspondence with the other party or their insurance company: Whether it be calls, texts, or otherwise, it is always best to document any contact with the opposing party.
  • A copy of your auto insurance card, insurance claim if already filed, and your health insurance card.
  • Witness contact information: Oftentimes, accidents occur in public or out in the open. If anyone witnessed your accident, you should always ask them for their contact information so they can verify your claim. Emails, phone numbers, business cards, and more are all acceptable.
  • Pictures/videos of the unsafe conditions that caused the accident, the accident’s aftermath, or both: Whether you were in a car accident, a slip-and-fall accident, or otherwise, if you are physically capable, you should always take pictures before the safety hazard, or the scene of the accident, is cleared away.
  • Any other documentation you believe is relevant to your case: Every case is different, so depending on the situation, you may have additional evidence/paperwork that we can use to prove your personal injury claim.

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