What If My Condo Has Mold?

person wearing a glove cleaning mold off wall with a sponge

If you are a condo owner and have recently discovered mold in your unit, it’s natural to be concerned about the next steps and how to address the issue effectively. In some cases, mold found in condos is a result of a construction defect, in which case you should strongly consider hiring a team of Florida construction defect attorneys who can effectively represent you. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What causes mold?

Mold can occur for a variety of reasons, but the most common are as follows:

  • Inadequate ventilation in individual units or common areas, leading to moisture accumulation.
  • Water leaks from shared facilities like roofs, plumbing systems, or neighboring units can spread moisture.
  • Florida’s high humidity levels contribute to ongoing dampness in enclosed spaces.
  • Insufficient waterproofing or maintenance in communal areas or during the building’s initial construction.

What should I do if my condo has mold?

Discovering mold in your condo can be alarming. Start by visually assessing the extent of the mold; often, visible mold is just a part of the problem. Consider hiring a professional to inspect thoroughly, as mold might be hidden in shared walls, ceilings, or HVAC systems. Document all findings with photos and detailed notes, which are vital for any legal steps. Address the moisture source immediately—repair leaks and enhance ventilation as needed. For extensive mold issues, hiring a remediation specialist is recommended. Always wear protective gear when handling mold.

Do I have legal rights?

Condo owners facing mold issues due to construction defects have specific rights under Florida law. Florida Statutes Chapter 558 requires condo owners to notify the condo association, contractors, and developers about any construction or design defects, including those that lead to mold, before initiating a lawsuit. This notification allows the responsible parties an opportunity to address the defects.

If the issue remains unresolved, litigation might be necessary. Claims can arise from negligence, breach of warranty, or failure to adhere to building standards. A seasoned lawyer with experience in Florida construction defects can provide tailored advice and representation to secure necessary remediation and compensation.

Mold not only poses a health risk but also can significantly devalue your property and impact your quality of life. Understanding the causes of mold, taking prompt action to control its spread, and knowing your legal rights are crucial in managing this issue effectively. Consulting with a lawyer experienced in construction defects early in the process ensures your rights are protected and helps you effectively navigate this complex area of law.

If you have further questions or require the services of a seasoned Florida construction defect lawyer, please don’t hesitate to contact Ansbacher Law today. Our firm stands ready to effectively represent your interests, every step of the way.