What you need to know about St. Johns County Ordinance 5.03.02H

Current St. Johns County ordinances require, under most circumstances, that homeowners obtain architectural review and approval from their community association before a building permit is issued by the County. This good law has benefitted both homeowners and the community associations.

Homeowners who are unfamiliar with the covenants, or perhaps the unwary victim of an unscrupulous contractor are stopped from improving their home only to find out later that they are in violation of the covenants, and may have to remove or alter the improvements often at great personal expense. Associations avoid having to take legal action against their residents which is never in anyone’s best interest.

The current ordinance is 5.03.02H and it has worked well for our communities for many years. Recently County staff has requested that the St. Johns County Commission repeal this ordinance claiming it is unduly burdensome. We are unaware of any evidence that supports such position, but the Commission seems inclined to honor such request. In our opinion such a repeal would be a significant step backwards. If repealed, it will lead to more covenant violations, decreased property values and, increased legal fees. A repeal will increase the burden on community association managers and on  unpaid community leaders who selflessly serve on community association boards and is not in the best interest of our communities or County.

There will be a workshop held to discuss the repeal on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 at 9:30 AM in the County Auditorium, 500 San Sebastian View, St. Augustine, Florida. Please send someone to attend, or contact your commissioners now to express your position.

The official meeting announcement is attached. Below are some links we hope you find helpful.

Link to current ordinance. – Section H is on Page 16 of the pdf.

Link to contact page for St. Johns County Commissioners

Commissioner Official E-Mail Addresses: bcc1jjohns@sjcfl.us; bcc2jsmith@sjcfl.us; bcc3pwaldron@sjcfl.us; bccd4@sjcfl.us; bcc5hdean@sjcfl.us

We are available to discuss this matter if anyone has any questions or concerns.

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