Certification Requirement for Newly Elected Board Members


Condominium and Homeowner Associations are governed by a board of directors initially appointed by the developer and subsequently elected by the membership. Board members are unpaid volunteers who serve their community.

Directors have the responsibility to enforce their governing documents in accordance with Florida laws, adopt budgets, maintain common areas and oversee all aspects of their community. Even with the professional assistance of a licensed community association manager and association attorney, it is important that directors be familiar with applicable laws, accounting rules and the articles, bylaws and governing documents for their community.

Florida laws require that new directors complete an approved education course within 90 days of election or appointment (718.112(2)(d)4b Fla. Stat. for Condos and 720.3033(1)(a) Fla. Stat. for HOAs). Both laws allow the alternative of filing a certificate that a new director has read the association’s governing documents and policies, but this is not recommended. Florida’s association laws are complex and constantly changing. Understanding the fiduciary duties imposed on a director and the unique requirements for condominium and homeowner association boards regarding open meetings and membership access to records is critical for new directors.

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