Hurricane Safety Tips | Here is What You Need to Know

As Florida braces for Tropical Storm Isaias, we at Ansbacher Law felt it necessary to write up a short checklist regarding hurricane safety. Please continue reading to learn more.

If you are preparing for a hurricane to hit, please make sure you take the following precautions:

  • Have plans in place, both for evacuation and for staying put. 
  • Board up your windows.
  • Take in anything from outside that you may think will blow away, such as patio furniture.
  • Have cash on hand in case of an emergency. 
  • Stock up on food and water, particularly non-perishables, in case you’re stuck inside or without power.
  • Fill up your car with gasoline before the hurricane hits. 
  • Have a battery-powered portable radio. If the power goes out, you can use it to keep you informed. 
  • Keep a first-aid kit on hand. 
  • Ensure your devices are charged and that you have cell phone chargers both in your car and at home.
  • Take inventory of your property. This means going around and taking pictures/videos of your house, both inside and out, in case your home is damaged in the storm. Be sure to include photos of serial numbers on expensive items. This is essential for insurance purposes. 

While preparedness is key, you must also understand what you should, and should not do during a hurricane. During a hurricane, please take the following actions:

  • Do not go outside. Hurricane winds propel debris into the air, and you risk being struck by something if you step outside. 
  • If your home is not on higher ground, you may want to consider getting to a shelter. 
  • If emergency managers are telling people to evacuate, you should do so immediately and get to your nearest storm shelter. 
  • If your home floods, go to its highest point, though you must not go up into your attic, as you could become trapped if waters rise high enough. 
  • Never walk or drive through floodwaters. You may seriously injure yourself or someone else. 
  • If your power goes out, ensure that you never use a generator indoors and that you keep it away from all windows. 
  • Once the hurricane subsides, wait for local officials to tell you that it is safe to return home. Do not simply go on your own or before the storm subsides. 
  • When you do return to your home, if there has been any damage to your property, ensure you take photographs/videos and contact your insurance company immediately. 

Hurricanes are frightening and can be devastating, which is why it is so critical you do everything you need to do to stay safe. There is no telling what Tropical Storm Isaias will bring, but the most important thing you can do now is to prepare for the worst.

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