How to Win Compensation After an Airbnb Accident in Florida

Though as of recently, more and more people are preferring to stay at Airbnb’s as opposed to hotels, there are plenty of negligent hosts that do not take the necessary safety precautions before renting out their rooms to guests. When this happens, people are oftentimes seriously injured. If you are someone who has been injured in an Airbnb accident, you should continue reading and speak with our experienced Florida premises liability attorneys to learn more about what we can do for you. Here are some of the questions you may have:

Can I receive compensation if I am hurt in an Airbnb accident?

Not unlike Uber and Lyft, Airbnb has its own coverage for those wrongly injured while using its services. This coverage is called the Host Protection Insurance, and it provides those injured with up to $1 million for liability claims brought against third parties. This is so that if you sustain an injury and wish to file a lawsuit, you will receive coverage from the company, instead of suing the host directly. That being said, Airbnb does not provide coverage for various damages, including some of the following:

  • Intentional acts, such as a guest fighting with another person and sustaining an injury
  • Accusations of slander or defamation of character
  • Property issues, such as bed bugs, asbestos, communicable diseases, or certain other unsafe living conditions
  • Auto accidents, such as car accidents occurring on the premises

What if Airbnb’s Host Protection Insurance doesn’t cover the cost of my injuries?

Unfortunately, there are times where even $1 million in liability coverage simply does not cover the cost of all the damages you’ve incurred. For example, perhaps your injury was so serious that it landed you in the hospital for weeks, or your injury required multiple surgeries. Whatever the case, if Airbnb is not providing sufficient coverage, you should hire an experienced attorney who will fight for the compensation you need.

Remember, to boost your chances of winning your claim, you should gather as much evidence as possible and ensure you file promptly. Individuals generally have four years to file personal injury lawsuits in Florida, though it is always best to do so sooner. Some of the most useful forms of evidence you can show your attorney include pictures of the accident or the unsafe conditions that caused the accident, medical documents and bills related to your accident, witness statements, and more. Do not wait any longer. We are here to help.

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