How Can a Lawyer Help Resolve a Construction Project Payment Dispute?

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Construction projects are complex and involve many parties, such as owners, developers, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, architects, engineers, and more. Each party has certain rights and obligations under the contract and the law. However, sometimes disputes arise over payment issues. If you’ve encountered a construction project payment dispute, please don’t hesitate to contact the seasoned Florida commercial development & construction attorneys here at Ansbacher Law to learn more about how we can help resolve it. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What are the most common payment disputes in relation to construction projects?

Payment disputes most commonly arise out of the following scenarios:

  • Non-payment or delayed payment by the owner or developer to the contractor or subcontractor
  • Non-payment or delayed payment by the contractor or subcontractor to their subcontractors or suppliers
  • Disagreements over the amount or timing of payment, the quality or scope of work, changing orders or extra work, or liens/bond claims

As you likely know, these disputes can have serious consequences for all parties involved. They can cause cash flow problems, project delays, work stoppages, liens, lawsuits, and damage to reputations and relationships. Therefore, it is important to resolve payment disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible.

How can a lawyer help resolve a construction project payment dispute?

One way to resolve payment disputes is to hire a lawyer who specializes in construction law. A construction lawyer can help you in many ways, such as by reviewing and drafting contracts to ensure that they are clear, fair, and enforceable, advising you on your rights and obligations under the contract, negotiating with the other party to reach a mutually acceptable solution, and more. In some cases, if all else fails, your attorney can litigate the dispute in court if necessary.

A construction lawyer can also help you prevent future payment disputes by providing practical legal advice and guidance throughout the project. A construction lawyer can help facilitate honest and clear communication between both parties, document all agreements/amendments to those agreements, ensure contracts comply with relevant laws, and respond to payment disputes promptly and professionally.

The bottom line is that if you are involved in a construction project in Florida and need legal assistance with payment issues, you should strongly consider contacting a Florida construction lawyer as soon as possible. Ansbacher Law is here to help you through each step of the process ahead, safeguarding your rights at every turn.