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We Assist Condominium Associations In North Florida With Collections, Serious Construction Defects, and General Matters

Florida condominium associations and homeowner associations face unique legal needs, and Ansbacher Law has the resources to assist. Our attorneys have experience assisting developers from the inception of planned community projection, and the skills to assist residents in the transition to membership control at turnover.

Ansbacher Law serves condominium and homeowner associations throughout North Florida. We serve association clients from our Jacksonville, St Augustine, and Clay County offices. Our attorneys will also travel to your community on request.

We assist condominium and homeowner associations with:

A Proven Track Record With Collections Policy

Operation of a condo association or homeowners association often requires assistance in implementing an effective collections policy, and we have a proven track record in this area. Our collections department is both effective in resolving cash flow problems and sensitive to the needs of the membership. When the board or community association management firm has a question on the day to day operations or requires an experienced litigation team, Ansbacher Law has the experienced professionals to timely and professionally provide legal services.

The Experience to Resolve Construction Defect Problems

Barry Ansbacher is board certified by the Florida Bar as a real estate law specialist and construction law specialist. While there are many attorneys who profess expertise in association law, our board-certified attorneys are recognized by the Florida Bar as experts. When a condominium association or homeowners association faces the challenge of dealing with construction defects at their property, they can rest assured Ansbacher Law has the experience, expertise, and determination to resolve their problems. Attorney Barry Ansbacher has recovered millions of dollars for his clients, enabling them to rebuild and preserve their residences which suffered from construction defects.

Ansbacher Law has proven jury trial experience. Many disputes are resolved prior to trial; however, if the association is not offered a fair settlement, we have the resources and ability to present your case to the jury in even the largest most complex cases.

Condo defects cost DR Horton $9.6M

Invaluable Legal Opinions and Advice

An experienced association attorney can help Condominium and Homeowner Association Board Members meet numerous challenges. Although many associations employ a community association manager, the legal questions that inevitably arise in the operation can only be answered by a licensed Florida attorney. When common questions like these arise, call Ansbacher Law:

  • Compliance with Florida legal requirements for open meetings and access to official records
  • Determining what is allowed or required when language in the governing documents varies from the applicable Florida statutes
  • Meeting notice and quorum requirements
  • Enforcement of governing documents
  • Election and recall disputes
  • Amendments to declarations, covenants, articles and bylaws, rules and regulations

If you have reason to believe your home or condominium was not properly constructed, Florida Bar Board Certified construction attorney Barry Ansbacher and the construction litigation team at Ansbacher Law may be able to help. Our firm has recovered millions of dollars in construction defect claims for our clients. We frequently provide assistance to community associations in the following areas:

  • Leaking roofs
  • Leaking windows Code violations
  • Defective stucco
  • Construction contract drafting and review
  • Constructions insurance coverage and review
  • Construction contract and change order disputes
  • Defective construction claims
  • Defective design claim
  • Defects resulting in water intrusion and mold damage
  • Drywall defects
  • Electrical defects
  • Plumbing defects
  • Roofing defects
  • Warranty claims

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