Why You Must Follow Your Doctor’s Advice After Sustaining an Injury

After sustaining an injury, whether it was your fault or not, it is critical you follow your doctor’s medical advice, for several reasons. Please continue reading to learn more about why following this advice is so important. 

  1. Your doctor is concerned about your well being: Doctors are trained professionals, and your health is their greatest concern. Since they have such extensive knowledge in the field, it only makes sense that you follow their advice. This means when a doctor says to ease up or rest for a while, you should do so, and likewise for when a doctor tells you to do certain activities to rebuild your strength. Following these orders will, generally, speed up the recovery process and help you get back to normal. 
  2. Your doctor will document your progress: After your doctor gives you your rehabilitation plan, make sure you follow his or her orders, and report back periodically. Doing so allows you to truly see how long it takes your injury to heal. If you plan on filing a personal injury claim, the severity of your injury and the time it takes for your injury to heal may play a role in the amount of compensation you receive. 
  3. Following your doctor’s advice can improve your chances for long-term recovery: Since most doctors work to help their patients recover in the long term, you should ensure you continue to follow his or her advice even after you begin to heal. Do not let your progress come undone by failing to continue following your doctor’s orders before you have completely heald.
  4. Following doctor’s orders may help you win financial compensation: When you file a personal injury claim, there is a very good chance the insurance company will employ whatever tactics they can to fight it and thereby deny you the compensation you deserve. Oftentimes, insurance companies will check to see if you followed your doctor’s orders. If you did not, they may argue that had you done so, your injury would have healed in a far shorter amount of time, and that your lawsuit, is, therefore, unwarranted or unjustifiable. By following your doctor’s orders, you eliminate the chance of insurance companies denying you financial compensation on the premise that you did not follow such orders. 

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