Florida Legislature Preparing for 2014 Legislative Session

DSC_1232The Florida Legislature meets every year to consider new laws. The annual session for 2014 will begin on March 4, 2014 and continue through May 2, 2014. All bills must be approved by both the Florida House and the Florida Senate before going to the governor and becoming law. Because it is a lengthy process, many bills which might otherwise be approved, fail to achieve a final vote before the legislative session ends and thus never become law.

Florida House and Senate members pre-file bills well before the beginning of the legislative session. Committees of both chamber meet and review legislation prior to the March 4 opening as well. Although at this early stage, it is too soon to predict which bills will become law, or even to identify all bills that will affect condominiums and homeowner associations, it is not to soon to begin tracking legislation. Lobbying is typically most effect before bills advance too far in the process, and every community association board should consider appointing a legislative committee or liaison to keep the board members informed of bills that impact your community. Letters, phone calls and personal visits to your elected representatives to express your community’s concerns on pending laws should be coordinated by the legislative committee or liaison.

Ansbacher Law is tracking bills of interest and posting updates on this blog and a chart on our website to assist communities in following the legislative process. 2014 Florida Legislative Bill Tracking Chart (00352490)