Do Electric Companies Have to Trim Trees in Florida?

trimming tree

One of the benefits of living in an industrialized country like the United States is that the overwhelming majority of its citizens have access to public utilities, like water, trash removal and electricity. However, these utilities, and electricity, in particular, can pose a threat to unsuspecting Floridians. Thankfully, local, state and federal governments impose reliability standards to prevent electrocutions, which include trimming trees. For more information on whether Florida electric companies have to trim trees, please read on, then contact an experienced Jacksonville personal injury lawyer soon.

Does the law require electric companies to cut down trees in Florida?

No, federal law does not dictate that electric companies must chop down trees within a specified distance from their larger power transmission lines. However, it does provide federally-approved standards by which they must manage vegetation growth along the path of said transmission lines.

Who decides how an electric company manages trees and other vegetation?

Ultimately, the local electric company makes the decision as to how to trim trees and other vegetation near power lines. That said, they are required to do so in accordance with state and local laws, as well as all other relevant safety codes. If they fail to do so and someone is hurt as a result, they may be held accountable.

Do Florida electric companies have to trim trees even if the trees are nowhere near a power line?

Electric utilities must always maintain the appropriate clearance between trees and transmission lines. To ensure compliance with local, state and federal standards, they should take preventative measures, such as accounting for the future growth of a tree that may not pose a threat now, but likely could in the future.

Is tree trimming really necessary?

Yes, tree trimming is a necessary part of providing Floridians with safe and reliable electric service. The utility company has no obligation to trim trees or vegetation for appearance, but they must take every precaution to ensure trees or vegetation do not interfere with power lines. Trees that come into contact with electrical conductors can cause problematic and dangerous conditions, including fires and electrocutions.

Can you sue a Florida electric utility company for not properly trimming trees?

If a Florida electric utility company has failed to comply with local, state and/or federal standards and you or a loved one have sustained an injury as a result, you need to hold them accountable. Ansbacher Law is here to help. Contact us today.