Zachary Roth Speaking in HalfMoon Education Webinar

Ansbacher Law is proud to announce that managing partner Zachary Roth will be speaking in a HalfMoon Education Webinar scheduled for April 30, 2021. While speaking at the webinar titled, “Florida Easements, Right of Way, and Eminent Domain,” Mr. Roth will focus on adverse possession, civil trespass, and prescriptive easements. The webinar will be online through GoToWebinar. Click here to register!

While speaking, Mr. Roth will cover topics including elements of civil trespass to land, reviewing the history of adverse possession, maintaining a claim for adverse possession, including the statute of limitation and elements of a claim, defending against an adverse possession claim, and examining recent adverse possession cases.  Mr. Roth’s invitation to speak at this webinar showcases his dedication to his profession, as HalfMoon Education selectively recruits the most distinguished professionals.

HalfMoon Education is a non-profit provider of continuing education based out of Eau Claire, WI. They host around 400-500 programs each year that allow professionals to stay current and competitive in their profession. The webinar will qualify for CLE credits for Florida attorneys.

 ZACHARY R. ROTH is managing partner at Ansbacher Law. He has extensive experience in real estate transactions and is certified by the Florida Bar in Real Estate. He assists clients in a wide array of legal matters, including residential and commercial real property purchases and sales, real property litigation, and corporate transactions and litigation.  Mr. Roth is also the City Attorney for Neptune Beach, FL and the  attorney for the Town of Baldwin, FL.

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