Hurricane Irma – What to do now.

Now is the time to take some important steps to deal with the aftermath of the storm.

  • Although too soon to make final plans for North Florida, you should discuss when and where you will go should if there is a voluntary or mandatory evacuation. Discuss arrangements with your family now, and make sure you have a full tank of gas.
  • The Red Cross has a storm preparation checklist for supplies to purchase. Many stores which may be temporarily out of water or other items are actively re-stocking inventory.
  • The best source for current hurricane data is the National Hurricane Center.
  • Identify and collect important papers. In particular, make sure you have complete copies of all of your insurance policies in a safe place. A good practice is to scan (remember your phone will work in a pinch) your policies as a backup. You can email the images, or copy to an off-premises storage site such as Dropbox.
  • If you do not have an inventory of household items and furnishings, and even if you do, take your camera and video the contents of each room. This will assist you in making an insurance claim if anything is damaged in the storm.
  • If you have a contract that contemplates a closing during the anticipated impact of the storm, plan now to reschedule the closing and get a written extension. Many contracts have provisions that recognize that insurance policies may not be obtained when under storm threat, but confirm what to do with your attorney today.
  • Ansbacher Law will have lawyers available to assist with any legal questions you may have. If our offices are closed due to the storm, you may reach us by cell phone at 904.568.1000.