Barry Ansbacher Featured in First Coast News: “Neighbor’s Tree Falls in Homeowner’s Yard in Orange Park. Who’s Responsible?”

First Coast News

Recently, Barry Ansbacher was interviewed by First Coast News regarding an Orange Park homeowner’s property damage after a neighbor’s tree fell on his front yard during a severe storm. More specifically, the tree fell across the roadway and damaged the homeowner’s fence, boat, and car. The homeowner, Robert Frazier, was told that he would be responsible for the cleanup and removal of the tree parts from his property.

Barry Ansbacher responded to this situation by stating, “It’s an unfortunate thing when it happens. But Florida law takes the position that trees are from nature, and people don’t have responsibility for what happens to them.” He went on to say that homeowners can reach out to their insurance company and file a claim which could help with the costs, depending on their policy.

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