Attorney Zachary Roth Fights to Defend Local Church from Unfair Taxation

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Attorney Zachary Roth of Ansbacher Law has recently been featured on First Coast News, among other news outlets, regarding his representation of Abundant Love Ministries.  Ansbacher Law frequently represents churches, synagogues, and other community institutions.

Abundant Love Ministries has been ministering to the community for nearly 40-years. Although the church sold the worship hall to a real estate developer in 2019, they have been conducting services from a leased location. The church did not sell the property and still owns the parsonage. The parsonage is where Pastor Mike Thorpe currently lives, where the congregation meets, where church business is conducted, and where a virtual media studio is situated. Under Florida law, church property, including parsonages, are exempt from property taxes. However, the Duval County Property Appraiser has insisted on taxing this parsonage. Watch the story by reporter Ken Amaro.

Before the real estate developers purchased the property in 2019, the parsonage was considered tax-exempt, as it was owned by the church. However, after selling the property, the Duval County Property Appraiser’s Office states that since the church has been sold, the parsonage can no longer possess a tax-exempt status. The Duval County Property Appraiser’s Office is attempting to enforce a $3,300 tax bill, but attorney Zachary Roth is fighting back.


Attorney Roth is currently working alongside the church to fight the unfair taxation. In a statement made to First Coast News, regarding the newly-imposed taxation on the parsonage, Attorney Roth said, “That’s not in the statutes. There’s no case law that says that.”

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