Ansbacher Law Recognized By U.S. News & World Report As A 2023 Tier 1 Best Construction Litigation & Real Estate Law Firm in Jacksonville

Ansbacher Law was recently recognized as a 2023 Tier 1 Best Law Firm in Jacksonville for its accomplishments in the field of Real Estate Law and Construction Litigation Law. Tier 1 is the highest of the three Tiers of the Best Lawyers® award. For a law firm to receive this distinct honor, it must meet several criteria established by Best Lawyers®.

Law firms under consideration for this award must be nominated by another reputable law firm. The firm is then peer-reviewed by other highly regarded lawyers in the community to assess the quality of the nominated firm’s legal services. Once Best Lawyers® receives and reviews the voter feedback, it determines whether the law firm is in Good Standing with the local bar. Finally, Best Lawyers® will announce the firms they have determined are worthy of the U.S. News & World Report Top Tier Law Firm award and at which level of ranking.

If you have a case concerning commercial or residential real estate or construction litigation, contact Ansbacher Law, a Tier 1 Best Construction Litigation & Real Estate Law Firm in Jacksonville. Call us today at 904-737-4600 or contact us through our website at