Ansbacher Law Offers Community Help with Hurricane Dorian Legal Questions

Ansbacher Law is ready to assist with Hurricane Dorian.

To serve our community Ansbacher Law attorneys will be answering storm-related questions through September 15 to answer storm-related legal questions.

Before signing a contract to address storm damage, assigning your insurance benefits, or hiring a public adjuster, give us a call. We can also answer questions regarding Condominium and Homeowner Association emergency powers to deal with the storm. There is no charge. Our offices will open right after the storm passes. 904-513-2562, and our 24-hour hotline will be open at 904-644-1923 before, during and after the storm.

Stay Safe!

Ansbacher Law is offering general legal education without charge as a community service. Attorney-client relationships are established only by written agreement with Ansbacher Law.

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