Ansbacher Law, Angius & Terry, LLP to Have Vendor Expo Booth at 2024 CA Day & Trade Show

CA trade show

On Friday, February 23, Ansbacher Law and Angius & Terry, LLP will be present at a vendor expo booth at the 2024 Community Associations Institute (CAI) Day & Trade Show, marking the first event Ansbacher Law and Angius & Terry, LLP will participate in together since Angius & Terry’s Florida team joined Ansbacher Law.

This trade show takes place at the Orlando World Center Marriott from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Ansbacher Law will be at Booth #16, while Ansbacher Law and Angius & Terry, LLP will be at Booth #54. Namely, at these booths will be Barry Ansbacher, Paul Terry, Jr., Jack Taylor, and Alejandra Gonzales.

The CAI Day trade show bridges the gap between homeowner leaders, community managers, and the business partners that support them. With this year’s theme being “50 Years of CAI Magic,” Ansbacher Law and other vendors will be participating in the best magical booth designs and visitor engagement competitions.

To learn more about how you can attend this trade show, simply click here.