What To Do if Your Homeowners’ Association Sends You to Collections

By: Michelle B. Macke | Ansbacher Law

Homeowners may find themselves unable to pay their assessments or have simply forgotten to pay their bill. Both scenarios result in the homeowners’ accounts being sent to collections.

Collections is a process whereby the Association involves the assistance of a collection agency or law firm to get the monies owed. This typically involves a standard process outlined below.

In Florida, failure to pay amounts due to your homeowners’ association may result in both a lien on your property and a foreclosure on that lien.  If your account has been sent to collections, be sure you read all letters from the attorney or collections agency.

Contacting the attorney or collections agency early on will result in the best possible resolution of your debt.  Ask if they can offer you any reduction in the amount due or if they have an option for a payment plan.  Pay attention to the deadlines in the letters you receive as this may give you an idea of when the collection agency or law firm will be taking their next steps, which typically results in additional fees being assessed.  If you ignore the letters, you could end up with a foreclosure against your house and a much higher bill.

 If your Association finds itself experiencing a lot of late or missing payments, Ansbacher Law can assist. We are here for your collections needs; you can either email info@ansbacher.net or call us at 904-737-4600.


MICHELLE B. MACKE is a Florida Registered Paralegal.  She has been with Ansbacher Law’s collections department for seven years.  She is a member of the Animal Law Section of The Florida Bar and has fostered over 50 rescue animals through local organizations.  Michelle enjoys painting, training her dogs, and playing video games in her free time.  

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