What Should You Bring to an Attorney Consultation?

When dealing with legal matters, a consultation with an attorney is often used to help determine the extent of the issue, as well as whether the firm would be a good fit to assist you in solving the problem.
Consultations can be used as a one-time meeting with the attorney to have your questions answered, or as the beginning of a relationship with an attorney to discuss the next steps in your legal matter.

So…what should you bring to an attorney consultation to ensure that your time is best spent? We typically recommend that our clients bring the following items:

  • Any and all correspondence with the party(ies) involved in the dispute or matter
  • All contracts, amendments, and documents signed in relation to the matter
  • Photos and/or videos showing the situation
  • If related to an issue with a recently-purchased home:
    • The seller’s disclosure
    • The closing package
    • The home inspection report

These documents will allow the attorney to better understand the situation and assist in determining if the firm will be able to assist you in fixing the problem.

Ansbacher Law specializes in real estate, construction defects, personal injury, condominium and homeowners’ associations, and business law. Call (904) 737-4600 or email info@ansbacher.net today to get more information about our consultations and how we may be able to assist you!

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