What Should I Do if I Was Hurt By a Drunk Driver in Florida?

Unfortunately, here in the state of Florida, auto accidents happen every single day. In most cases, these accidents are entirely preventable. This is especially true when an accident involves a drunk driver. If you were injured in an accident involving a drunk driver either this Fourth of July weekend or otherwise, you must continue reading and reach out to a competent Jacksonville personal injury lawyer from Ansbacher Law to learn more about these accidents and how our firm can help fight for the compensation you deserve and need to heal. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What steps should I take after sustaining an injury in an accident caused by a drunk driver?

If you were hurt in an accident caused by a drunk driver, first a foremost, you should call the police. Calling the police to the scene of your accident does three things: 1) it will ensure you receive medical attention at once 2) the police will write up a report of the accident and 3) the police will likely breathalyze the individual suspected of driving drunk. If the test concludes the individual was, in fact, operating his or her motor vehicle with a BAC above the legal limit, we can use this as evidence in your personal injury claim. You should also make a point to gather witness contact information, photograph or videotape the scene of the accident, and keep detailed copies of all medical documentation pertaining to your injuries. Finally, you should retain our dedicated Jacksonville, Florida drunk driving accident attorneys so we can get started working on your case. The sooner you speak with an attorney, the better.

What is a dram shop law and does Florida have one in place?

The majority of states here in the U.S. have dram shop laws in place, and Florida is one of them. The dram shop law in Florida states that if you were injured by an individual who was served alcohol while either under the age of 21 or who is known to be “habitually addicted” to alcohol, you may sue the individual who caused your accident, and the establishment, such as a bar, that served the individual.

If you have any other questions about drunk driver accidents or you’d like to file a personal injury claim, give us a call today. We’re here to help you fight for the justice you deserve.


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