Swimming Pool Safety Tips | What You Need to Know

swimming pool

With the warm weather upon us, swimming pools and cookouts are happening all over the state of Florida. Unfortunately, more people are injured at these events than you may think. Pools are a great luxury to have, but pool owners must take the proper safety precautions before inviting guests. Please continue reading and reach out to Ansbacher Law to learn more about some of the most important safety measures pool owners can take and how our firm can help if you or a loved one has been injured in a swimming pool accident. Here are some of the questions you may have:

What are some safety precautions that all swimming pool owners should take?

Pool owners are responsible for the safety of anyone who swims in their pool. Therefore, all pool owners must follow the necessary swimming pool rules and regulations. Many of these safety precautions are simply common sense, while others require a bit more effort. Regardless, it is a pool owner’s responsibility to ensure their swimming pool is in tip-top shape before inviting guests inside. Here are some of the most important swimming pool safety precautions:

  • A pool owner should install all proper barriers, covers, and fencing in and around the pool
  • If the pool has a detachable ladder, a pool owner should always take it down after the pool has been used. Pools naturally attract children who are too young to swim, which, as you can imagine, can lead to a disaster
  • Never leave a child or children unattended while swimming
  • If children are too young to swim, ensure they have proper flotation devices
  • Do not allow any electronic devices in the pool
  • Inform all guests if your pool does not have a safe diving area
  • Place wet floor warning signs around the pool area
  • Always swim sober
  • It is always beneficial for a pool owner to know how to perform CPR if the situation ever calls for it
  • A pool owner should ensure their pool is equipped with compliant drain covers

How do I know if I am entitled to financial compensation following a swimming pool accident?

If you have been injured in a swimming pool accident because a pool owner failed to comply with any of the rules and regulations mentioned above, there is a good chance you may recover compensation. However, you must first satisfy the burden of proof. You may do so through photographic evidence, witness testimony, or medical documents regarding the extent of your injuries. Importantly, if your or a loved one has been hurt in such an accident, you should hire a competent Jacksonville personal injury lawyer who can help guide you through each phase of the claims process ahead. Ansbacher Law is here to fight for you. Contact us today.