Nature’s Watch Townhouses

Residents of Nature’s Watch townhouses knew it would cost a bundle to repair the scores of units experts say were damaged by water seeping in around shoddy construction. The problem at Nature’s Watch is water. It has seeped in around windows, doors and balconies and through roofs, causing millions of dollars in damage.

Related Editorial Opinion – May 3, 2003. One issue needs a broader response. Extreme moisture-intrusion problems at Nature’s Watch and more recently at several other Pinellas complexes call attention to a gap in the building code that warrants statewide review. The code requires builders to use certain waterproofing techniques in constructing a building, but the code does not call for an inspection of the waterproofing work. The result is that relatively new buildings are leaking like sieves, creating health, safety and financial problems for residents. Given Florida’s wet climate, waterproofing seems vital enough to justify a special inspection.

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