Common Mistakes Made During & After Filing Personal Injury Claims

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You were recently driving along, when another driver ran a stop sign, flew into the intersection, and crashed into your vehicle, injuring you as a result. Though the accident may have clearly been the other driver’s fault, if you were hurt and are seeking compensation, you will have to prove as much before you receive compensation. There are several actions you can take to bolster your personal injury claim, but you should also know that there are several mistakes you can make that will ultimately hurt your chances of winning a personal injury claim as well. Please continue reading and reach out to our Jacksonville personal injury attorneys to learn more about some of the most common mistakes to avoid when bringing a personal injury claim.

What are some of the most common mistakes made during the personal injury claims process?

Just some of the most common mistakes that people make when bringing personal injury claims are as follows:

  • Failing to call the police and seek medical attention. The first thing anyone should do after a serious accident (as long as they can) is to call the police. Emergency services will not only write up a report on the facts of the accident, but they will also ensure you receive immediate medical treatment. Of course, getting treated will, first and foremost, maximize your chances of recovering physically. That said, seeking medical treatment immediately will also bolster your chances of winning a personal injury claim. If you fail to seek medical treatment, it may call the validity of your claim into question, as insurance companies will try to say since you didn’t receive medical treatment, you weren’t really injured.
  • Failing to tell your attorney the whole truth. Your attorney is your number one advocate. You need to tell your attorney the whole truth regarding how your accident happened and the damages you’ve sustained. If you think you may be partially at fault for the accident, you must tell your attorney this. It’s far better to tell your attorney now than to have your attorney be blindsided by this news later on.
  • Posting on social media. Posting on social media after filing a personal injury claim is just about the worst thing anyone can do. Once you file your claim, insurance companies will be monitoring your social media accounts to see if you post anything that may contradict your claim (even if they have to take something out of context). This is why it’s best to simply stay off social media until your case comes to a close.

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