Bills Before the 2015 Florida Legislature


Florida Legislative Bill Tracking Chart – Version 1

AnsbacherLaw continues its efforts to inform community association leaders of bills before the Florida Legislature that may impact homeowners and community associations. Our tracking chart outlines bills of interest and includes links to the bills, a status report indicating where the bills are being debated, and a brief summary of the impact.

When a legislator files a bill it is referred to one or more committees to be debated before the bill is placed on the floor for a vote by the full membership. Except in rare instances each bill must pass every committee to which it is referred before the bill is voted on by the House or Senate. Each bill must follow the same process in both chambers, although often an identical or nearly identical bill is filed in both the Senate and the House to expedite the process.

The best opportunity to have impact on whether a bill passes or to request amendments to a bill is when the bill is before a committee as once a bill reaches the Senate Floor or House Floor changes are very unlikely to be approved. Links to the committees where the bills will be heard are included and if you follow the link the legislature who serve on each committee are named and their contact information is provided.

We will continue to update the tracking chart throughout the 60 day legislative session.

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