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Corporations – What Does it Mean?

Incorporating a business creates a distinct and separate legal entity from the individual forming the corporation. This separation may protect business owners from liability that the business incurs.

One of the benefits of a corporation is the ability to raise money from investors by selling shares of the corporation to investors. A corporation is usually run by a board of directors and officers. The two most common types of corporations are:

  1. C” Corporation: An important aspect of a “C” corporation is the fact that it is a separate entity from those who own it. That means that the owners and shareholders assume little to no personal risk in daily business operations. The corporation as well as the shareholders pay taxes.
  2. “S” Corporation: This type of entity is set up in the same manner as the “C” Corporation, with the exception that taxes are paid by the shareholders and not the corporation.

An experienced business lawyer at Ansbacher Law can assist you in forming your corporation. We will make sure all of the corporate documents necessary to form a corporation are prepared correctly and kept up to date in order to protect shareholders from personal liability.

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